My teaching practice is rooted in material exploration and creative inquiry. As a visual art specialist, I aim to use arts-based mediums as starting points for interdisciplinary investigations, and through the process of making, guide students to new understandings of ideas, relationships, and concepts. In this way, I lead more as a facilitator rather than instructor, providing individualized pathways to understanding and specific, ongoing feedback to help students meet and extend beyond their learning goals. 

Through my teaching, I hope to build confidence in students to take creative risks, share their work, and question the world around them. I value creativity and critical thinking as important skills for success in a 21st Century world, and also bring a variety of both analog and digital technologies into my classroom to foster the development of communication and collaboration.


Finally, I work to create a safe space of belonging and inclusion for all students using a variety of group based projects, routines, and practices. Through art, I aim to expose students to diverse narratives and perspectives, building their capacity for empathy and helping them to understand concepts through deep webs of connection, context, and history.